how to sing


You must learn how to sing with AIR.Vocal exercises without air? Impossible! Anything without air is impossible really 🙂




When you get nervous or scared you usually hold your breath. During a performance we are usually nervous and we then hold our breath. Not Good.

It is the biggest mistake you can make as a singer. You have to know how to sing with full breath support.

If you hold your breath while singing you are going to sound like kaka-doodle.

For me 80% of singing is breath support. Just the way you inhale or exhale can make your song FLOP or TOP. During a song if you are afraid of a certain high note you may be holding your breath on that note. 

That is deadly. We all die without air as do your notes.

So get your booty going right now and start doing your vocal exercise or should I say breathing exercises. Even if you think it’s boring or that you have good breath support. Do it anyway. Make it a part of your daily vocal exercises. It is an important ingredient to your great voice recipe. You have to learn how to sing with the correct breath support. No way around it.

Here is your video that’s literally full of hot air.