tight throat

***What’s A Singers’ Worst Enemy?***



The Tight Throat

This week’s singing lesson is about the singer’s worst enemy. The HIGH NOTE Strangler. The high note strangler comes just when you are getting ready to sing the most important notes of a song and he strangles you until nothing more can come out. This is a real problem for a lot of singers.The problem doesn’t exist in your throat though.

Did you know that tightening up your stomach muscles is what can make you have a tight throat? I used to be a dancer, so I was always tightening up those stomach muscles in order to hold my center and do all of those fast turns.
However, I found out that a six pack isn’t really necessary to be a good singer. I had to learn to relax those muscles to free up my throat. Here are some vocal tips to lock away the high note strangler once and for all.

Happy Belting