how to sing, When I am belting out a song my throat itches, I have to cough and it sounds like I am yelling


***Your Goal is to learn how to sing without feeling a tightness or scratching in your throat and of course, without yelling***

I hear people (even professionals) singing like this this everyday. Fact is, if you feel tightness or scratching when you sing then you are not doing it right and it could result in damaging your voice. If you sound like you are yelling then you probably are.

Now there are Four Belt Basics that I go by when teaching, singing and practicing the belt technique. If you learn how to sing with these tool you are already 80% there.

  1. BIG STRONG Supportive Breathing Muscles:

Belting requires a waaaay bigger and stronger breath support than other forms of singing. Yes there are special BELT BREATH SUPPORT MUSCLES and you have learn how to sing with them.

  1. The TONGUE: You gotta know when to hold it and know when to fold it.

The tongue can make you sound fab or like kaka. It can help you sing high or totally tense everything up. When you are belting those high notes there is a special position of the tongue that you need to be able to call upon on demand to help you get the tone quality that sounds awesome. There is no getting around it. You must know how to sing with a relaxed tongue.


  1. In Yo Face! PLACEMENT:

There is a special belting PLACEMENT that you must have in order to do it right . That means you know where the note or tone resonates in your face before you sing it and you can send the note directly to that spot telepathically on demand. This is like the psychological part of singing. I know it sounds complicated and spacey but when the tongue is in it’s right place and the breathing muscles are BIG and STRONG, then a lot of the placement problems are corrected. However, there are a few high notes that need a little bit of extra spacey psycho work. You must learn to develop these spacey psycho powers to call upon when you need to.

  1. A Well Rounded VOICE:

Contrary to popular belief you do not BELT in CHEST voice. My high BELT notes are in HEAD VOICE. This allows you to sing high for hours. You will never get tired and you can belt 8 shows a week and tour 30 cities in 28 days.

But… have to be able to use your complete voice

In order to Belt you have to have a strong chest voice and know where it resonates and when you are in chest voice.

In order to belt you have to have a strong middle voice and know where it resonates and when you are in middle voice.

In order to belt you have to have a MEGA strong head voice, know all about where it resonates and when you are in head voice

…….and you have to be able to connect all three to each other.


These 4 Belt Basics must be in your body like a bad habit. They should be a part of your DNA if you want to belt like a pro.

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