get loud singing workout

 I am not the chick with the most talent out there but I do know that I got to where I am today by workin’ my booty off.


I hear soooo many singers screamin’ instead of singin’. This is not only annoying for the audience members, it’s really bad for the voice as well. You wanna get nodules in no time flat? Then just scream a few gigs.

This one minute exercise is gonna get your voice sounding fat, big, loud and strong without having to yell.

Did you know that most singers don’t get better because they simply don’t practice? Come on people! Now you have no excuse. It’s just one minute!

The voice is a muscle and muscles need exercise to excel.

My students who practice their little hearts out always get better faster and get more jobs then my students with “TALENT”. Talent won’t help you a patootie if you don’t take care of the vocal muscles.

So do this exercise for one minute everyday and get a BIG FAT Sound in about a month.

Hollerin’ at ya,

Belt Singers Wanted: Join the group, post your song and I will listen to it and help ya!