My Full Money Back Guarantee:

If you are the Greek God Scepticles and are doubtful that Belt Like a Pro works, then read this before you buy my course.

I do give a guarantee. But I need proof from you that did your part by practising. You have to document on video all your practice sessions.

1) You must make and send me a “before” video with you singing your beltiest song. You can do it with your phone or webcam but you must send me this video so I can compare your progress. If it isn’t audible then it won’t count.

2) Video record yourself practising at least 10 different days per lesson video with a date on each video.

3) I  will also need the completed  “Do It Diary“  that you will receive with your Lesson Worksheets.

4) After the 14 weeks you must submit an “after” video of you singing the same song that you submitted at the beginning of the course.

5) At the end of the 14 weeks if you see absolutely no difference in your voice, submit your video material and I will review it.  If it is obvious that you have really worked hard and still haven’t advanced then I will refund your money.