Show business LUCK has played a VERY big part in my career. 

I have never gotten my BIG MAJOR ROLE by auditioning conventionally.


For instance, the time I was cast as Donna in “Mamma Mia”, It was kind of an emergency situation as they needed someone fast. I was called in, watched the show and had a work session the next day. I knew the role already because I loved the part and I felt it would be perfect for me.

I HAD ALREADY LEARNED all of the songs and most of the major scenes for Donna as well as Tanja and Rosie. Because it was a last minute audition and the London Producer was only in town for a few hours, he needed to see me fast and make a decision. I was ready. Luck came knocking and I was ready. He was very impressed that I could already do all three parts and I got the job immediately. Basically the same thing happened when I got cast for Madame Thebardier in Les Miserables and Magda in Dance of The Vampires. You could say I have been really lucky…..or could you?

If I hadn’t been ready and known all my stuff, then this bit of luck would have done me no good.

Luck does absolutely nothing if you are not ready when it comes knocking.

Find out now how to be ready when luck comes your way.

Your VERY Lucky Chic, Fawnie

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