how to sing

*** I didn’t know how to sing high. My voice was shot. Gone. Nichts. Null. I couldn’t get any of my BIG, FAT, LOUD, POWER Belt notes out of my throat. ***


I had damaged vocal cords!
My voice was shot. Gone. Nichts. Null. I couldn’t get any of my BIG, FAT, LOUD, POWER Belt notes out of my throat.

Inside of my throat it felt like there was no room and even when I laughed just a raw, smokey wind of raspy sounds came out reminding me what a loser I am for having damaged vocal cords.
I felt ashamed and as if I had no talent at all. „I am limited“, I thought and everytime my voice felt a tiny, little bit better I would give it another shot at belting only to get the same raw hurt sound back.

My voice was givin’ me the middle finger!

But why? I know how to sing. I have learned the BEST vocal technique. I know what I am doing. How could I have damaged my precious cords?
I had forgotten something really important. My head voice. Damaged vocal cords come from not training the complete body of your voice. Most importantly from not training the head voice.

I was always (and still am) hired to sing the fat, loud belt notes. So I practiced them all the time. Great right? Wrong. I wasn’t practicing anything else. I had totally been neglecting my head voice.I almost forgot how to sing in my head voice.

Your head voice is like YOGA for the vocal cords. It helps them stay flexible and gives them elasticity. So after 14 days of vocal rest, that means I wasn’t even allowed to listen to music or speak one word, I got my cords healthy again without surgery. Then I started my new work out program for the voice.

Today my vocal work out is still the same. It includes lots of head voice exercises and after every rocky, belty show that I perform, I do a head voice cool down. Because I am a very chest voicey singer, I have to literally think in my mind that I don’t use the chest voice ever. The chest voice is actually very limiting for me and it holds my range back. So, I pretty much said goodbye to my chest voice and I got my head voice so strong that no one hears that I am not using my chest voice. I am happy to say I have had NO problems with hurt vocal cords and I am even able to sing with a cold without hurting anything.

Join me for my Beltinar on August 12, 2015. You will learn how to sing the right way. Learn my head voice secrets, how to increase your range and learn how to make the head voice sound like chest voice. Plus I will show you a vocal cool down that protects you from damaged vocal cords.

Keep Belting. Keep smiling


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