What You’ll Learn:

Lesson 1:  Exercises to develop special breath support muscles. This is 90% of singing and a secret of mine that almost no one knows about.

Lesson 2: How to sing/belt loudly without straining and with a fabulous sound. Plus my special belt tongue position that isn’t taught anywhere else.

Lesson 3: You will learn to sing with my unique vocal placement and how to call upon it mentally on demand.

Lesson 4: Exercises to develop a healthy chest voice and my secret to getting rid of that break in the register.

Lesson 5: Exercises to develop your head voice and increase your vocal range up to an octave!

Lesson 6: My secret to finding the middle register and developing it. (This is your main belt register)

Lesson 7: Tons of singing exercises to help you put it all together and the Song Break Down. How to sing a song using your new technique.