Vocal Break / 26 One Minute Workout : Register Break / Passaggio

I am not the singer with the most talent. I got where I am today by workin’ my booty off


So if you are having a problem with a break in your passaggio then all it takes is practicing the right vocal exercises regularly until it’s gone.

But……and there is a BIG but here, THE biggest problem with singers is consistency.

Most singers don’t get better because they simply don’t practice.

The voice is a muscle and muscles need exercise. Plus if you are using your muscle on a professional level then it needs even more exercise. Like professional athletes do.

Don’t worry though, the voice is a micro-muscle.

That means you don’t have to practice for hours and hours each day. Just a little bit goes a looooong way.  So do this exercise and be rid of that nasty yodeling break in your voice by doing this 1 minute exercise on a regular basis.

Time is not a factor anymore. Passaggio.….you are on my list.


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