Today we are gonna get DOWN….



Do you know how to sing big fat low notes?

I was just working with a great little singer from Vegas and though she is really good, she has a small problem. Her low notes aren’t as voll and as the rest of her voice.

“I feel like my low notes are not even a part of my voice.“ she told me, “They seem so far away!“

So we got to work.

The truth is, low notes are just as important as high notes.
Did you know that knowing how to sing low notes can even help you sing higher?

If you are missing some notes in your lower register than you are missing part of your voice which isn’t good for the WHOLE vocal body. So enough said. Let’s get to work. I have a few little exercises that will tweek your lower register and get that sucka resonating.

Gettin’ Down, Fawnie

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