*** 3 great little tactics that I use to help me take on criticism when I need to***


How to be harder and tougher?


In our business we are constantly being subject to criticism.


I have been told
I am too fat.
I am too logical.

I am not talented enough.

I am a perfectionist.

I am not perfect enough.

I am too tall.
I am too short.

I am too busty.

I can’t sing
I should get a backup job.

I am too blond.

That my voice has too much rock.

That my voice is too classical.

That I was too Disney.

And …..and….and…and….

This can really be devistating for most of us artists because we are soooo sensitive. At least I know I am very sensitive. Everyone says, you need a thicker skin or you have to be harder and tougher.

But I beg to differ.

It is exactly this sensitivity that makes you a great artist. It’s exactly this sensitivity that lets you identify with your song or your role. You can’t get rid of that! However, letting criticism get to you can really make you a basket case. It can create unneccesary fears and phobias that block you on stage and stifle your creativity. But don’t fret your pretty little head.

I have three great little tactics that I use to help me take on criticism when I need to and leave it at the wayside when it’s baloney.

Watch this video and with these three tactics you know when to put your protective shields up when you need to and know when to open up and be vulnerable when it’s neccesary to grow.

Let’sget this down now!

Singing with Love,


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