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#11 Singing High without The Hoarse

singing high ***Are you often hoarse after singing?***



Do you sing high notes with stress and tension and can’t seem to get rid of it?


Well as of December 15, 2015 7 pm (PT) you will have this problem no longer.
Join me for my free Beltinar about Singing High with out The Hoarse.


What you will learn:
1.) The different reasons why you may be hoarse
2.) Tons of exercises to get rid of vocal stress and hoarseness
3.) Exercises to increase your range and sing those high notes with out stress or tension


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Keep on Belting,
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2 Responses so far.

  1. Diana Fillmore says:

    I love to sing but my throat does get alttle horse and tired but I just want to learn how to exercise it and be able to breath better to when I’m singing I really get short of breath too sometimes !! Thank you for your time !!

    • singfawnsing says:

      Hi Diana,
      it sounds like you are not using your full breathing potential which makes your throat tense up. I hope you signed up for the webinar. That should really shed some light on things. The Tips are really quite easy. We just forget to do them while we are singing.

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